We chose HokiePRIDE to be as inclusive as possible to all queer identities. It represents the broad coming together of all queer people at Virginia Tech under our common pride.

UCSO stands for University Chartered Student Organization and it means we are officially affiliated with the university. According to University Policy 8012, a UCSO is defined as “an organization that has significant campus impact through providing resources and/or services that are best delivered by students in conjunction with their sponsoring campus department. This classification of organization must align with, and is integral to, departmental and university missions to create robust student experiences. The impact and resources must meet a recognized institutional and student need.”

We are advised by the Cultural & Community Centers (CCCs), a department within the Division of Student Affairs. More specifically, we work closely with the LGBTQ+ Resource Center and its Assistant Director Luis Garay (they/them), who was recently removed without explanation and is set to be replaced soon.

LGBT stands for “lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.” While these terms have increasing global resonance, in different cultures other customary terms may be used to describe people with genders and sexualities formed outside western frameworks. This acronym is not all-inclusive, as it dates back several decades. In recent years, easier to use terms like queer and GSRM (Gender, Sexual, and Romantic Minorities) have become increasingly common.

Sexuality and gender are deeply tied into one another but they are separate things. Sexual orientation refers to individuals’ attractions to others–who they love and date, and to whom they are physically and/or emotionally attracted. The terms lesbian, gay, and bisexual refer to one’s sexual orientation. Gender identity refers to individuals’ internal and individual experiences of gender. The term transgender refers to one’s gender identity. In basic terms, gender identity is concerned with who one is, and sexual orientation is concerned with who one loves.

Everyone is welcomed to join us during our general body meetings as long as it remains a safe space at all times. If any person is being disrespectful towards another, they will be asked to leave.

Anyone! Whether it’s because you want to bring an issue to our attention or just help out without holding an official position, you are welcome to join us. It is, however, appreciated that you send an email first so we can plan for enough space.

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